Ryan Lewis

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Ryan Lewis in the studio this week working on a new project, so cool!

Why You Should Hire a Professional Producer or Engineer

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Great read for those interested in professional studio recording vs. DIY Why You Should Hire a Professional Producer or Engineer (…And 8 Bad Reasons to Do It All Yourself)  

Seattle Recording Arts Fall Programs

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Really looking forward to our fall programs starting here at Seattle Recording Arts, our students are the best in the business! www.seattlerecordingarts.com

Placid Audio

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We just got a really cool new mic from Placid Audio called the Resonator B, it sounds like a cross between a green bullet and a trash can, perfect for

Julia Michaels and Spotify

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Was great having Julia Michaels here (Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez/Gwen Stefani/Linkin Park) we worked on something for Spotify, so fun!

Seattle Recording Arts Audio Engineering Spring Course

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Our spring Audio Engineering course at Seattle Recording Arts begins March 17, 2017. You’ll receive a hands-on, advanced education. Learn more at http://seattlerecordingarts.com/course-i…/audio-engineering/    

New Studio “B”

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We are excited to announce the opening of our new studio B here at Orbit Audio. A affordable option for artists that are looking for simple tracking or mixing with acoustically

Macklemore’s new #1 record

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Congratulations to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for the #1 record in America, we are happy to have helped them out on this.

Orbit Audio in The Vintage Musician

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http://www.thevintagemusician.com/studio-gear-profile-ssl-4056-console/   “I can say this with complete certainty; that in a jam, this makes one hell of a heater – and that’s something that you ain’t getting from a

Orbit Audio in Mix Magazine

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We are very excited to be in this months issue of Mix Magazine!     http://www.mixonline.com/news/facilities/mix-regional-sessions-pacific-northwest/425609