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Studio A
  • Includes chief engineer and full studio
per hr/day
Studio B
  • Includes Staff Engineer and digital overdub studio with booth
per hr/day
  • Including Engineer
per song
Corporate Rate
  • Including Engineer and Phone Patch
per hr

Please contact to book your dates.
A 50% deposit is required to confirm your date(s), we’ll send a online invoice, when payment is confirmed, so is your time slot.
Balance is due in full at the end of each day (unless other arrangements are made in advance) and session begins at the agreed start time.

Yes, we have a 3 hr minimum booking policy. Under certain circumstances we are flexible, i.e. corporate sessions.

Yes, multi-day discounts are available for 4 or more consecutive days booked.

We accept all major credit cards, check or cash.

Freelance Rates: Studio A – 400/day or 40/hr
Freelance Rates: Studio B – 250/day or 25/hr
(qualified engineers only, please contact in advance)

We do not offer storage of Pro Tools sessions here, your Pro Tools files are your property once the invoice is paid whether the session is complete or not.
As a courtesy we’ll try to keep session files that are left here for up to 14 days. Pro Tools sessions that are left here over 14 days are considered unwanted and are subject to deletion. We recommend getting a portable hard or thumb drive, backing up your session and taking it home with you (they are cheap these days).