“This place is fantastic” 

– Gil Norton (Producer: The Pixies, Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, The Meices)


“We love it here”

– Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

“The track sounds exactly like I want, thank you”

– Andre 3000 (Outkast)


“Oh man this studio is really great”

– T-Bone Burnett (Producer: Elton John, Robert Plant, Elvis Costello, Roy Orbison)


“Joe’s approach of humility and grace stands in stark contrast to what I’ve found in most corners of the music industry, and I feel blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to work with him on multiple occasions”

– Jeff H (SweetKiss Mama)


“The mix sounds amazing man, you know me all too well!”

– Timmy S (The Mountain Flowers)


“You’ve brought out some details in the music, almost like magic!  your input has been invaluable”

– Ken B.  (Bottle of Sound)


“I hired Joe to produce my album as well record it, and he was able to collaborate with me in such a compassionate and delicate way.  His inputs are pure gold, every song I have brought into Orbit come’s out the other end 10x better”

– Jason Sees


“I can’t believe how great it sounds in here, I’ll be back”

– Ken Stringfellow (R.E.M, The Posies, Big Star)


 “Joe gave us all his time and attention while we were there. He was engaged and excited about getting our songs to the best level we could. We felt respected and part of a team”

-Donnie (The Hardcount/Guns of Nevada)


“I didn’t know that it would be the greatest recording experience I’ve had. It was thrilling and creative the entire time.  Joe was also extremely generous and caring throughout the process, I really felt taken care of.  He really helped me make good moments into great moments”

-Sammy (The New Futures/Sammy J Riddle)


“Joe constantly fostered my vision for the entire project, and always put it first.  I was able to bounce ideas back and forth with Joe until both of our minds rested on the same plane, it allowed for my vision to exist in ways I couldn’t have otherwise achieved, the quality of the end product blew my expectations away”

-Grant (The Naked Giants)


“There are few individuals in the teaching profession who demonstrate the level of patience, understanding and compassion that Joe does. He works to empower students to find their own voice and to gain mastery on their own terms. Thank you Joe for your invaluable contribution to my program and students”

-Mike Anderson (Catharine Blaine Rock School Program)