Ken Stringfellow (Poises/Big Star/REM) was here mixing a new song

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We recently had Ken Stringfellow here mixing a tune. Ken said some real nice things about the studio and the sounds he was getting here.It was great to see him

T-Bone Burnett and Dylan’s The Basement Tapes

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Producer T-Bone Burnett was here at Orbit Audio last week promoting Dylan’s The Basement Tapes. It was a huge honor to have him here. The record includes Elvis Costello, ┬áMarcus

The U47 is back!

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The U47 has a special kind of quality that on the right singer/source it doesn’t get better, only different. Our lovely U47 is back from the doctor, and it sounds

The new site!

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After 13 years I thought it was time for a new studio website. I’ll try to update this blog with going’s on about the studio, artists, gear upgrades and general