((((((((((sound better))))))))))

Trident TSM 32 channel

Studer A-800 2″ 24 track
Ampex ATR 102 1/2″ 2 track
Otari MX-5050 1/4″ 2 track
MRL Calibration Tapes (2″ and 1/2″)

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX – 24 ins/32 outs
Avid HD I/O – 8 / 16
Avid 192 – 16/16
Moto 128 Midi Express
Digi Sync I/O
Apple Mac Pro 32 Gig Ram Quad Core Intel Processor
3 Terabyte Solid State Drives

Triton Audio Neolev Decouplers
Samsung 32″ Display
Audio Control 30-band Realtime Spectrum Analyzer

Status Audio (6)
Sennheiser HD 280 (3)
Rane 4 Channel Headphone Amplification
Oz Audio Headphone Amplification

Neumann U-47 Tube
Neumann U-47 FET
Neumann U-87 (2)
Neumann U-89
Neumann KM-84 (2)
Neumann M-582 Tube (2)
Wunder Audio CM7 Tube
Josephson E22
Audio Technica AT 5045
AKG C414 ULS (2)
SE Electronics SE3 (2)
Coles 4038 (2)
Royer 122
Telefunken M-80 (3)
Electro-Voice RE-20 (3)
AKG D-12
AKG D112 (2)
Placid Audio Resonator B
Placid Audio Carbonphone RU-80
Beyer 201
Sennheiser 421 (4)
Sennheiser 441 (2)
Sennheiser MD 402-U
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM7
Shure SM58 (2)
Shure Beta 57
Shure Beta 52
Shure 520-D (Green Bullet) (2)
DIY Sub Kick

Neve 1073 (vintage) (4)
UTA MPEQ-1 (6)
Ampex 351
SSL 4K (56)
Pultec EQP-1A (vintage)
API 560B (2)

UnFairchild 670 (Stereo)
Retro Instruments 176
Retro Instruments Sta Level
SSL Bus (4K G Series/Stereo)
SSL 4K Channel (56)
Inward Connections Vac Rac TSL-3 (Stereo)
Chandler Limited EMI TG1 (Stereo)
Universal Audio 1176 (2) *Modified to Blue Stripe Rev B’s*
Universal Audio LA2A
Empirical Labs Distressor w/ British Mod’s
Empirical Labs Distressor
DBX 160-A VU (2)
DBX 162 VU (Stereo)
DBX 902 D’esser (2)

DIY Plate Reverb 4×8 ft.
Lexicon 480-L Dual Stereo Reverb
Lexicon PCM-42 Delay (2)
Delta Lab Effectron 1020 Delay
MXR Pitch Shift/Doubler
Sansui Spring Reverb

’75 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
’77 Gibson ES-335
’87 Gibson Les Paul Custom
’65 Fender 12-String Electric
’80 Fender Stratocaster (Hardtail)
ESP Ron Wood Telecaster
Peavey T-60
’69 Kustom w/ Bigsby
’59 Supro Lapsteel
’68 Gibson Hummingbird
75 Guild 512 12 String
’65 Fender Shenandoah 12 String
’78 Epiphone 
’60 Goya Nylon String 
Hondo Ganjo / Bantar
’72 Fender Precision Bass
Rickenbacker 4003
’90 Fender IV Baritone

Guitar Effects
Spun Loud Blister and Peel
Hologram Infinite Jets Resynthesizer
Empress Reverb
Mantic Flex Pro
Death By Audio Robot
Death By Audio Absolute Destruction
Death By Audio Reverberation Machine
Death By Audio Echo Master
Death By Audio Echo Dream II
Earthquaker Devices Afterneath
Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
Earthquaker Devices The Depths
Earthquake Devices Bellows
Earthquake Devices Dunes
Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Sovtek
Wampler EGO Compressor
Ibanez Modulation Delay II
DOD 585 Analogue Delay
DOD Stereo Flanger
Dunlop Super Cry Baby Wah
Dunlop Tremolo
Dunlop Rotovibe
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Zod Audio ID DI
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI (2)
Little Labs IBP Phase Tool
Countryman DI
Radial SGI (2)
Radial Pro DI (2)
Little Labs STD splitter

80’s Marshall JCM-800 50-watt (head)
70’s Marshall JMP 50-watt 2×12 (combo)
70’s Marshall 4×12 (vintage 25 strait cab)
90’s Marshall 4×12 (vintage 30 slant cab)
Marshall Code 2×12 slant
91 Vox AC-30 w/ Blues (combo)
70’s Fender Quad Reverb 4×12 (combo)
60’s Fender Deluxe Reverb 1×12 (combo)
60’s Fender Vibratone (Leslie)
50’s Supro 1×10 (combo)
Swart SRT-Tremolo 1×12 (combo)
Peavey 5150 100 watt (head)
Quilter 101 Mini (head)
Fishman Loudbox Mini
’72 Ampeg SVT 300 watt (head)
Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 (head)
Gallien-Krueger MB200 (head)
’73 Ampeg 4×12 (cab)
Ampeg SVT 2×12 (cab)
*All tube amplifiers are loaded with NOS 60’s long plates from CBS and RCA*

1940’s Chickering Upright
Casio Privia PX-S1000
50’s Hammond A-100 (B3) w/ Leslie 122
Trek II UC-1A Pre-Amp Pedal
78 Wurlitzer Piano 200A
70’s Hohner Clavinet D6
Hohner Melodica
60’s Vox Jaguar
60’s Deagan Glockenspiel
Ferrofish 4000+
Kartar Music India Harmonium 2 reed
Biba Indian Harmonium 3 reed
Shahi Baaja

Dewatron Swarmatron
Folktek Elysian Drum Scape
Sound Transform System SERGE Animate
Mellotron M4000d
Therevox ET 4.3
Roland Juno 106
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/Teensy Mod
Nord Lead
Electro-Faustus EF109 Drone Thing Oscillator
Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano Midi
Suzuki Omnichord OM-36
Stylophone Gen X-1
Korg Monotron
Roland TR 707 Drum Machine
Raagini Electric Sitar Box from India
AKAI iMPC Pro 2 w/iPad 6th gen
AKAI Professional MPX8

Sugar Percussion – 26 x 11 Kick, 14 x 6 Snare , 13 x 7 Rack, 17 x 13 Floor (Alaskan Yellow Birch)
Sugar Percussion – 14 x 6 Snare (Cherry)
Sugar Percussion – 14 x 2 Pancake Snare (Cherry)
DW Custom – 24″, 14″, 16″, 18″ (from Matt Chamberlain)
Ludwig – 14″ x 6.5″ Snare (Chrome over Brass)
Rogers – 14″ x 5″ Snare (Steel)
*Note* Drummers are welcome to use the house kit,
we do ask you to bring a new (Remo Ambassador coated 14″) snare head, thanks!

Kontakt 5.6
Folktek Collection Volume 1
Rattly and Raw Cassamplerette
Rattly and Raw CasSYNTHerette
Rattly and Raw Marxophone
Rattly and Raw Stupidly Huge toy Pianos And Friends
Rattly and Raw 60s Organs And Oddities
Rattly and Raw Beautiful CHAOS
Rattly and Raw Hipsters Bongos
Rhythmic Robot Audio Shortwave
Rhythmic Robot Audio Loopscape
Rhythmic Robot Audio Lambda
Rhythmic Robot Audio Grit Kit
Rhythmic Robot Audio Platter
Rhythmic Robot Audio Haunted Piano
Rhythmic Robot Audio 102200
Rhythmic Robot Audio Soviet Organ
Rhythmic Robot Audio MiniDrums Junior
Rhythmic Robot Audio StyloDrum
Rhythmic Robot Audio WurliBeat
Rhythmic Robot Audio Snaps ‘n’ Claps
Rhythmic Robot Audio SpecTone
Rhythmic Robot Audio SpecTalk
Rhythmic Robot Audio SpecDrum 2000
Rhythmic Robot Audio SpaceMan
Sound-Dust Cloud Cello
Sound-Dust Cloud Bass
Sound-Dust Flutter Dust
Sound-Dust Flutter EP
Sound-Dust Dulcitone 1884
Sound-Dust Grand Thrift Autoharp
Synthmagic Logan Vocalist
Synthmagic Logan Big Band
Synthmagic 8ObliqueS
Hideaway Studio The Blue Zone
Hideaway Studio The Orbitone
Hideaway Studio The String Collection
Hideaway Studio The Cosmic Music Box
Hollow Sun Hammond Novachord
Hollow Sun Sounds Of The Universe
Hollow Sun VP330
Hollow Sun Broken
Hollow Sun H1
Hollow Sun 130p
Hollow Sun Speak & Spell
Hollow Sun Stylophone
Hollow Sun Buddist
Hollow Sun Aaah
Atom Hub Cryptar Eternal Light
Frozen Plain Victorian Music Box
Soundiron Olympus Elements
Soundiron Olympus Micro
Soundiron Granada 49
Soundiron Bontastic
M-Tron Pro Chamberlin
M-Tron Pro Optigan
M-Tron Pro Streetly Tapes
M-Tron Pro Orchestron
iZotope Break Tweaker
Wave Alchemy Revolution
Linn and Simmons Drum Samples
Loop Loft Libraries (several)
1000+ Samples, Beats and Patterns

Melodyne 4 Studio
Auto-Tune PRO
Auto-Tune EFX
Auto-Tune AVOX 4
Soundtoys 5.2 bundle
Oeksound Soothe
Oeksound Spiff
Weiss DS1-MK3
Weiss MM-1
Weiss Deess
iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced
iZotope Vocalsynth
iZotope RX 6
FabFilter Pro-R
FabFilter Pro-Q 2
FabFilter Pro-Q 3
FabFilter Pro-C 2
FabFilter Saturn
FabFilter Timeless 2
Slate Trigger 2
Kush Audio Novatron
UAD-2 Satellite QUAD with authorized plugs:
(Capitol Chambers)
(Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection)
(Pultec Passive EQ Collection)
(Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection)
(1176 Classic Limiter Collection)
(Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection)
(Neve 88VR)
(Neve 33609)
(AKG BX20)
(EMT 140)
(EP-34 Tape Echo)
(Galaxy Tape Echo)
(Helios 69)
(Oxford Inflator)
Waves TG 12345 Abbey Road


iMac 27″
Pro Tools 12
UAD Apollo X
UAD Octo Satellite
WA 273 Pre Amp
WA2A Leveling Amplifier
Empirical Labs Distressor w/ Jim Williams upgrades
Studio B includes the above Microphone, Amplifier, Synthesizer and Plugin/Virtual Instruments

Trident TSM 32 channel

Mic Pre’s, EQ and FX

Compression and squish machines!

Natural wood ambience, tons of vibe!

Iso #2

India inspired

Loaded with NOS 60’s long plates from CBS and RCA, thanks to our buddy Dave Baldwin!

This Iso is one of our favs for vocals and can be used from both
A and B studios

Its good have the right tool for the right job!

Never to boast, just to remind our artists that this is what’s possible here…

The newest addition, nap supervisor and studio manager!