I believe that recorded music is a art form about life, people and creativity made by people. 


Our rooms and gear sound wonderful. The rooms are acoustically treated so recording and mixing accurately translates from here to the real world, the gear is maintained and all works/sounds the way it should. We like to think we are one of the best recording and mixing studios in Seattle but we all know that rooms and gear are just a small part of a recording studio, our people make it what it is and we have some mighty fine folks here to help you. 


We offer full production here from pre-production, tracking to mixing.
Every artist has help and every song has different needs. The benefit of having a experienced producer here is where the value is, many say it has been invaluable. In my experience making (producing) a record isn’t some kind of fast food drive through service even though I like to work and make decisions quick, it takes time. Songs will tell you what they need or don’t need and my job is to listen to them when they “speak”, with both attention to detail and reckless abandon. I like to build on the strengths of the artist and knowing when to stay out of the way is a true art form, one that only comes with experience. I feel that when the end listener listens to the music and says “I like this, this feels good” my job is complete. Other times my job as a producer is just to be a good documentarian of the project and capture the artist in a moment that represents them, production is never a one size fits all because every artist is different and every song has diverse needs. Communication prior to the record starting is the best way to achieve the level of production that each artist is looking for. 


A HUGE congratulations to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on receiving multiple Grammy awards this year, we are so excited to be a part of recording The Heist. This is Orbit Audio’s first certified platinum record. We are also happy that Mix magazine featured Orbit Audio in their August 2011 issue.


Yes, we still make analog recordings. My career began recording on analog tape. I deeply enjoy the experience and textures of making “all analog” records. We now are offering free analog 2″ tape from our gently used lending library for artists that want to discover the magic of analog recording.


We embrace both worlds here. Orbit Audio is the first studio in Seattle to use Pro Tools HD. Prior to that we were very early in the digital frontier. We now use BURL AD/DA converters with Pro Tools HD. BURL converters are the closest to analog we’ve heard so far in the digital world. The BURL Mothership has landed here.




No matter where you are on your musical journey, you are always welcome here with respect and appreciation. I’ve been on both sides of the studio glass many times and I know what it is like. After all, I’m a musician first. I believe that everything should be included when you walk in the studio door. The extensive collection of instruments and equipment at the studio are available for every session, our goal is to help you make a amazing record. 


Doing this everyday is a true gift. Here at Orbit Audio we haven’t forgot that. We feel the obligation to pay this forward so we give 10% of our gross income to charity. Musicares is the organization that we give to and feel passionate about.

MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.



 YOUR MUSIC matters at Orbit Audio!